Taylor & Company


Areas of Practice


We handle all aspects of family law, including:

  • separation, cohabitation, and prenuptial agreements;
  • spousal support;
  • custody and child support;
  • matrimonial and common law property division;
  • divorce;
  • responding to the Child and Family Services Authority (the "CFSA");
  • protection orders and restraining orders;
  • adoptions; and
  • applications, trials, and appeals.

We can assist you with either contested or uncontested applications.


If you need to take legal action to resolve a dispute, we have experience helping with the following kinds of issues:

  • contract disputes;
  • tort and negligence claims;
  • property and lease disputes;
  • shareholders' disputes;
  • builders' liens;
  • judgment enforcement;
  • insurance disputes;
  • defamation;
  • municipal liability;
  • injunctions and ex parte court applications; and
  • wrongful dismissal.

WILLS and estates

In terms of wills and estates, we can help with:

  • wills;
  • trusts;
  • personal directives;
  • powers of attorney;
  • dependent adult issues and applications; and
  • estate litigation.

Commercial Traffic

We have experience handling commercial traffic ticket defense.